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While living my free spirited life in the Caribbean, far away from home, I met a little puppy. He was hanging out on my street greeting me every day. One rainy night he came to sit at my doorstep and wouldn't stop crying until I let him in. I certainly  didn't plan to have a dog, but the little guy decided to never ever leave my side again. I had no other choice then keeping him and so I named him Coco. We where inseparable and well known all over the beach because of Coco's unique dalmatian coat and his friendly being.

In Fall of 2012, Coco suddenly got very sick and passed away. While dealing with the loss of my best friend a series of other  unfortunate events occurred. Within a couple of weeks my  life was turned upside down. My boyfriend at the time and I found ourselfs with no place to live, no jobs and no money. Even though we where overwhelmed by our situation, we where trying to stay positive and where fortunate enough to have the support of friends who offered us a place to stay and gave us an opportunity to work at his Surf camp.

I'm addicted to seashells.Ever since I was a little girl I had been making my own jewelry. When I travel to a new beach, I can get lost for hours collecting seashells. It is my favorite ways of grounding and connecting with nature. Working new found my beach treasures into jewelry pieces, is my way of creating reminders of the places I've visited.

One morning serving Breakfast at the Surf Camp, some of the girls asked me, "Sabrina! Where do you get your jewelry, it's so pretty". I smiled and replied "Oh thanks, I just made it myself". The girls go on, "Wow nice! Could you make some for us, so we have some souvenir that reminds us of this beautiful place when we're back in the cold?". I was humbled that they seemed to understand the idea of my creations and agreed to try my best to make something for them before they leave. When I delivered their pieces, the girls loved it all and where more then happy to pay me for my effort of making them. Those girls told the new arriving guests and those told the next ones and so on....by the end of December I realized that I actually earned money by doing something I was passionate about and woke up to this calling of being a independent artist.

On the 21st of December 2012, I felt that it was time to give it a name, and after all that happened, so much sorrow, so much Luck...Coco was the most important part of this chapter in life, it had to be "Coco Beads". The same day I created my first Social Media page. I started sharing pictures of my creations every week and slowly orders started to come in from the local community. After a couple of month I did my first Pop-Up Sale and together with a couple of other local artist I started an entire market culture in our little beach town.


Everything happens for a reason and only after you go all the way down, you will rise up even higher. Coco passed away, but I am convinced that his spirit didn't leave her until much later. He was my guardian angel on this incredible journey. He left this gift of independence and understanding my power of creation.

Coco fulfilled his purpose of being - just like all Pets do. Animals are creatures of spirit. They decide to come into our life when we need them to learn something, and they'll leave once it's time fulfill their purpose. Yes, it's a painful process to let them go, but with this spiritual approach it's a lot easier to make peace with it and honor their presence while we can.

Coco brought me a big step closer to be, who I was born to be and his memory will forever live in her heart and this beautiful story of COCO BEADS.